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CWN is a platform where business entrepreneurs identify, market and support each other in business, projects ideas and finance for a continuous growth and development of the community.

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In our quest to positively impact the lives of our people and bring change to the society in the area of enterprise development, mentoring, growing of right business mindset, and helping others to rise appropriately in any of their genuine ventures;

we introduce a program which has the benefits of solving the basic needs and create supports for all and sundries, families and businesses who join the program.

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What Make Us Special

We continuously work together to ensure we all grow into the desired class of business individuals and lifestyle we always dreamt of.

The Secret Formula

CWN is a gateway program to becoming a bonafide member of BLPC which allows you to access other benefits under all its initiatives like getting training and support fund for your business, ministry and human development related project.

Your single account registration on cwn website allows you to become a member. Double account registration allows you to trade your goods and services on our e-shop. Triple account registration allows you to advertise on blpc/cwn for 3days but subsequent advert would be charge at premium price..

Compensation Tree

Note: Each registered account must have gotten to the next stage - preliminary
i.e leave the feeder stage before you could be qualified for all the benefits mentioned above.

Drop us a line

We will respond and pick up communication from there. Thanks for writing us.

1, Oyediran street,
Oke-Ira community, Ogba, Lagos
Phone: +2348088805073

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